The Critical Questions when choosing an MBaaS

Last week’s announcement from the Parse team that they would be shutting down in a year was a surprise to many, but for those following the ever changing world of MEAPs, MAPs and MBaaS it was just more of the same. The frustrating truth is that mobile connectivity to backend systems is a complex, and sometimes a costly endeavor that can affect developers whether they’re working  in garages or for the largest companies in the world.

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Farewell Parse, hello Mobile Application Development Platforms



Parse, which is part of Facebook just announced that they are shutting down their Mobile-Backend-as-a-Service (MBaaS).  Parse’s cloud hosted MBaaS will be fully retired in a year,  on January 28, 2017.  The company is asking their users to start their mobile app migration plans and is offering an open source Parse-compatible Node.js/Express API server and a tool for database migration. Trending Developer community feedback is mixed, it includes kudos from many because they are offering an open source path forward,  something that of course we welcome at Red Hat.

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Mobile Apps versus Mobile Projects

In my interactions with customers trying to mobilize their enterprise applications and their workforce, especially the ones starting on this journey, one of the common thread that I come across is focus on client apps. Of course , UI/UX is a critical part of the project but its just a tip of the iceberg. There is a lot more that is happening behind the scenes. As with any other application development project, there are so many other parts of the projects like the business layer, common services layer, data access layer or what is commonly referred to as MBaaS(mobile-backend-as-a-service) in the mobility jargon, source-code version control, build process, security, scalability etc.

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